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Image and Data Capture Solutions for Retailers

In addition to providing retailers and ecommerce developers with FREE access to the manufacturer-approved CPG product images and data in Kwikee’s national database, Kwikee recognizes the need to provide turnkey solutions for obtaining product images and data from ALL vendors.

Kwikee’s solutions help retailers focus on sales, while Kwikee works to capture and maintain a database of reliable product information.

Why Retailers Choose Kwikee

  • Defers costs to vendors = cost savings for retailers
  • Existing relationships with 3,000+ manufacturers
  • Streamlines product content acquisition via vendor portal and communication processes
  • Scalable operation allows for high volume work and off-site management
  • Integration/development capabilities
  • Experienced project management & customer service team

Kwikee’s Vendor Portal

The Kwikee Vendor Portal provides a simple way for manufacturers to fulfill product image and data requests made by a retailer. Benefits of the vendor portal include:

  • The retailer knows exactly which vendors are compliant (or not), status of the overall project, SLA metrics, etc.
  • Vendors know which SKUs are needed by the retailer, and have options on how they provide the images and data (either provide product samples to Kwikee or upload compliant content).
  • Kwikee always knows exactly which SKUs are needed for processing, and which vendors to target for missing content.

The portal serves as a single location for all of the image and data capture project information including contracts, required SKU lists for each vendor, shipping materials, project details, etc.

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Communication is key in product image and data collection projects—from the retailer, to the image and data provider, to the vendors—and Kwikee’s Vendor Portal is the communication device that ties all three groups together to meet the project’s goals.